Demand for books hasn’t decreased, the demand will be fulfilled in 10 days

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Demand for books hasn’t yet decreased in Janak Shikshya Samagri. The Information Officer of the centre Chitra Bahadur Acharya said schools have been demanding books from different parts of the country. In the next ten days, all books will be published meeting the demands.

There are a lot of incoming demands for the books despite the start of the Academic Session two months ago. Acharya informed that the requests for more books keep incoming although the centre has produced more books than in the last year. The situation has been so due to the increasing number of students as well as students of the private schools are also using these books

Many districts of the Far Western Province are still making demands for more books, now the centre is getting requests for about 1 thousand to 60 thousand books per day. The demand for books is still increasing, Acharya said. He added that the centre is studying the possible reason for the increasing demand for books in the market.

Currently, Janak Shikshya Samagri has 2 machines and it is planning to buy 3 more printing machines. The centre had the plan to finish printing all the books before the time to print the ballot paper for the Representative and State Assembly Election. Information Officer Acharya said that the centre will purchase 3 more machines and for the next year, the centre plans to finish printing in Falgun and by Chaitra, the books shall reach their destination.

In 10 days, all demand for books will be met

In these 10 days, the centre is planning to complete the publishing of all the books as per the demands made till now. The delay has been caused as there are two machines with the centre and both are old and have low capacity.

There have been complaints from the districts of Far Western Province as books destined for a district were redirected to other districts mid-way said, Officer Acharya. Currently, 10 trucks of books have been sent to the Far Western Province. He said demands for books have increased especially of  English, Nepali and Social Studies.

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