Demand to give the task of printing textbooks to the Private Sector

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The new academic session has started more than a month ago yet the books haven’t even reached schools in the capital of the country. Janak Shikshya Samagri claims that they have completed 80% of the work of printing is already done.

Lawmakers in both houses of parliament have strongly opposed the government, saying there has been a shortage of textbooks for a long time. They blame the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology for not being able to take distinct actions to solve such problems repeating every year. Member of Parliament Navina Lama said that the Janak Shiksha Samagri Kendra, which could not print books on time, should be closed down and the responsibility should be given to the private sector.

Many complaints have been made about the inability to publish books, and the books not reaching their designated destinations. Schools in the Capital still have not received books for Classes 6 and 8. Chitra Acharya, Spokesperson of Janak Shikshya Samagri claimed that about 80% of the books have already been published.

He informed that the provincial office has been instructed to collect accurate data on the shortage of books in the country and the number of students that need the books. He informed that they requested data as there is a shortage of books in the market and yet they have not been able to sell the books that are already in their warehouse. And in the meantime, they will continue publishing books for other classes.

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