Demand to make schools without metal roofs

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Most Government Community Schools are built using metal roofs but the metal roofs used in the school are not suitable for both the summer and winter seasons. The school classroom becomes too hot in summer and unbearably cold during winters thus all students, teachers and parents are requesting a school building without metal roofing.

Indra Narayan Chaudhary, Principal of Shree Rajaji Secondary School, Lahan-18 said that the meta roofing system of the school isn’t appropriate, teachers and students of the school both agree on this. During winter, the classrooms are wet due to dewdrop while in the summer, the metal roofs heat creating an unsuitable environment for learning.

The hot summer of this year has been unbearable and the students and teachers are drenched due to the humidity. Other schools and the concerned bodies of the schools have made the same complaint. Birendra Kumar Chaudhary, Chairman of Sagarmatha Secondary School’s Management Committee, said the school has started removing metal roofs from the school, they are neither appropriate for summer nor for winter. The school is now gradually making concrete roofs for the school buildings.

Chairman Kedarnath Yadav said the program to build school buildings without metal roofing has started in Sakhuwanankarkatti. He said the budget has been separated to make stable concrete roofs on the school buildings.

Locals say, although, it is better to have metal roofs instead of nothing, metal roofs aren’t favourable to the weather in summer and winter. Mayor of Lahan Municipality Chaudhary said the plan to make stable concrete school buildings has started since the local government had been made responsible to supervise the education sector.

The Mayor of Lahan has assured that all 59 schools within the Lahan Municipality will no longer have metal roofs. A 5-year plan to replace the metal roof has been made and even the municipality has allocated a budget giving priority to the plan.

As per the President’s Program to Improve Education, the concrete buildings are being made as the metal roofs aren’t viewed as suitable. Hopefully, after a few years, there will not be schools with metal roofs.

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