Durbar High School Student’s Learning Level seen Weak

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The Current Principal of Durbar High School, Sharda Kumari Poudel admits that the last academic Session did not have good results all due to the Corona pandemic and online Classes. Many students had problems connecting to ZOOM where online classes were being held. He said only the school is not responsible for last year’s results, but the results also were highly affected by Covid 19 which caused the school to close and students to be unable to attend online classes as they couldn’t adapt to the technology.

The federal law of the School Management Committee specifies that a parent of the school’s student must be the Chairperson of the Committee but the law made by the local government allows educationists and local Social workers can also become the Chairperson of the committee.

Currently, Durbar High School’s Management Committee’s Chairperson is Gopal Maharjan but his children do not study in the School, he is currently positioned as the Chairperson as the local social worker. Maharjan is the school’s chairperson even though the rules suggest that a parent of the school’s student must be the chairperson of the committee, earlier when the management committee was formed it was proposed that the Chairperson must be a student’s parent. Maharjan became the Chairperson as deployed by the Kathmandu Education Division and District Education Coordination Unit.

Teacher Padma Bahadur Batala said the third preference Poudel was appointed the Principal of the School after Akhilesh Prasad Aazad resigned from the post of Principal in Durbar High School. Even after Poudel was appointed the principal discussions were held for a long time about whether the position should be given to Poudel or someone else, this disturbance also caused a few problems, accepts Batala.

When Batala came appointed as a teacher in Durbar High School in 2070 BS, there were only about 70 students and he still freshly remembers that only a handful of students passed exams. Compared to the past, Batala said now 50% of the students pass which can be seen as progress in the quality of Education.

Durbar High School Currently has 500 students and the students coming to get admission in the school continue but as a class only fits 40 students, they aren’t able to admit students in the school. Maharjan said that many students aren’t admitted because the school doesn’t have enough space to add more sections of Classes.

Ward 27 Chairperson Yogesh Kumar Khagdi of Kathmandu Metropolis said that many complaints were made about the weak quality of education in Durbar High School in the ward since he was elected. He said that although he was a former member of the committee and yet he hasn’t received any information about meeting with the School Management Committee. Khadgi added he was currently studying legal aspects and whether the ward can do anything to improve the quality of education in the school. If the ward cannot do anything, he said the ward will start the work by requesting the education department to help.

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