Problems of Teachers’ Vacancy will be solved after Education Federation Act

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Rama Krishna Subedi, Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said,’ Issues including Teachers’ Vacancy Management will be solved after the Education Federation Act is issued.’ The Education Federation Act is currently in the process of being issued.

During the national level program organised by Education Journalist Network Nepal and Asaman Nepal on Monday for discussion on “Education and Child Labour” in Madesh Province, Secretary Subedi said, even when the Education Federation Actwas not put into action there hasn’t been a serious obstacle in the education but after the new Act is passed, the educational rights and responsibilities between the three levels of government will be clearer.

He also recalled the time when he was the Chief Secretary of the Provincial Government. At that time, he had introduced the “Save Girl Child, Educate Girl Child” program as the Girls Education in Terai and Madhesh was weak. He had also introduced Insurance for girls worth Rs 3 Lakhs, stating that the insurance program was started with the intention of ending the Child Labour and Child Marriage system, the government is also striving towards improving the status of education to be open and positive.

In the program, R. Bankat Reddy of MV Foundation, India informed about the efforts and achievements made in India to end Child Labour in India. He said, ‘ the children that are not in school are prone to child labour and this should be known by the world”.

According to the recent statistic, the current Literacy rate of Madesh Province is about 49.54 % and none of the districts within Madesh Province has been declared Literate. Among all the districts in Madesh Province, the literacy rate of Rautahat is the lowest at 41.69% and Parsa is the highest at 76.98%. The admission rate of Students in Schools in Madesh Province is 73.3%

Educationist Prof. Dr Vidyanath Koirala said that unless government offices and teachers are honest, there will be no improvement in education.

Navalkishore Yadav, Executive Director of Aasman Nepal, said that they have been working for the improvement of education in Madhesh province for 23 years through campaigns like ‘Quit work, send school’.

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