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Education Ministry on the initiative to make Medical Education Systematic

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Kathmandu. On Tuesday, The Ministry of Education discussed with officials of  Tribhuvan Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, and Sanskrit University to make the teaching of Medical Science systematic and of standard quality.

Education Minister Poudel pointed out that about Rs. 98 Arab is spent annually by the students to study Medical Science abroad. Nepal should make the field of Medical Science and its study a systematic and standard so that the money spent on Education remains within the country, he stressed.

‘Students are eager to study Medical Science in the country,’ said Minister Poudel. ‘Students who studied abroad are coming to Nepal to become doctors giving exams. Arrangements should be made for the students to study and take examinations in the country.’


Poudel said even though the papers show enough manpower, the manpower is not in the field working. ‘If we focus on quality education to increase the scope of competition, the manpower produced will not remain unemployed.’, said Poudel. ‘ We are small for regulating Education. Due to the complexity of some laws and regulations, students are losing the opportunity to study in the country except for a few.’

The participants in the discussions said that there were many problems in the medical sector due to a lack of budget. They requested the Minister to increase the budget to overcome them.

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