Need For Reform in Education System: Minister Poudel

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Devendra Poudel, Minister of Education, Science and Technology said there is a desperate need for reform in Education System in Nepal. He informed the need for reform during Tuesday’s program while publicizing the plan for the education system of 15 years called Structure of Education 2079.

Poudel said the education system of Nepal should be improved by enhancing the teaching methodologies and solving the problems seen in our system. He said the issues seen in Nepal’s Education System are solvable. Changes should be brought to Education System by solving the issues seen in the education system.

He said a new system of compulsory examination in the University Service Commission to teach at the University level and Teachers’ Service Commission to teach at the School level. He said, in the last 10 years, there has been an 11% improvement in the teaching and learning system in Nepal. Poudel said that jobs in the education field must not be viewed as a job but as a service. The Ministry also confirmed that there have been significant improvements considering the physical infrastructures.

Out of 2700 Schools, he informed 1,300 schools have been built and the remaining will be built within 3 years. He informed that there have been problems in bringing new rules related to education as few Acts related to the Education System have been stuck in the Ministry of Law and other offices.

Also, the number of students going abroad for higher studies has risen significantly in an unnatural manner and the ministry is driven to look for the reason for this situation. He said, the number of students leaving for higher education has significantly risen, we are trying to find out if the students are going abroad due to the weak education system of the country or something else.

Strike is a Social Crime

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Devendra Poudel said it is a social crime to close and perform strikes in the Sacred area of Education. He expressed his displeasure with some student organizations performing strikes and padlocking in the university and other educational institutions with the intention fulfil their demands, resulting in a disruption in education, teaching, and other daily activities.

Minister Poudel said that a few student organisations have been padlocking universities and educational institutions by putting forward the demands. He said this should stop and this is a social crime. These issues and demands should be put forward and met through meetings and dialogue.

The Thought paper (सोचपत्र) of the Education prepared by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology include and mentions the radical changes and reforms to be carried out in consideration with the Constitution of Nepal, Compulsory Education Act and Rules, overall objectives related to Education from the 15th plan, the National Education Policy and the Goals of Sustainable Development in Education.

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