Education Up to Grade 12 to be Made Free: Minister Basnet

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KATHMANDU, Dec 11: The Minister for Health and Population, Mohan Bahadur Basnet, has announced that education up to Grade 12 will be made free of cost in Nepal.

During the inauguration of the birthing unit of Bharatpur Hospital on December 11, Minister Basnet reiterated his long-standing commitment to free education and healthcare. He emphasized that the government will implement measures to ensure free education for all students until Grade 12.

“I have consistently been advocating for free education up to Grade 12, even before assuming the role of minister,” he stated. “The current government is dedicated to making this vision a reality.”

Minister Basnet also stressed the importance of increased investment in the education and healthcare sectors. He further highlighted the need for amendments to the Medical Education Act to address current challenges in the healthcare system.

Speaking at the event, Bagmati Province’s Health Minister, Uttam Joshi, assured that poor citizens will receive free healthcare services. He informed that free services are already available to the needy at local, provincial, and federal hospitals.

Joshi acknowledged that while Bharatpur Hospital falls under the federal government, the provincial government also provides support to improve its services.

Other dignitaries who presented their views at the event included Chief District Officer Bhupendra Thapa, Hospital Development Committee president Raju Paudel, Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Shreeram Tiwari, Dr. Archana Amatya (Director, Nick Simons Institute), Prof. Dr. Sunil Mani Pokharel (Chief, Gynecology Department), and Dr. Govinda Kandel.

The newly inaugurated birthing unit at Bharatpur Hospital is expected to cater to the needs of 30-40 women seeking delivery services daily. Statistics reveal that 11,898 children were born at the hospital in the previous fiscal year alone.

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