Educational Crisis: Only Eight Percent Pass School Level in Karnali Province

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Educational Crisis: Only Eight Percent Pass School Level in Karnali Province

Date: June 1, 2023


The recently published results of the National Census 2078 conducted by the National Statistics Office reveal a concerning educational crisis in Karnali province, where only eight percent of students manage to pass the school level. The province also struggles with low student retention rates and a significant gender disparity in literacy.

According to the National Census 2078 results, the literacy rate in Karnali province stands at 76.1 percent. However, further analysis indicates that 30.9 percent of the total literacy rate have only completed education up to class five, while 21.5 percent have reached only class eight. These statistics reflect a worrying trend of limited educational progress beyond the early years of schooling, of particular concern is the significant gender gap in literacy within the province.

The data reveals that 14.2 percent more women than men are illiterate in Karnali. The male literacy rate stands at 83.6 percent, while the female literacy rate is notably lower at 69.4 percent. This disparity highlights the urgent need for targeted interventions to improve female literacy rates and bridge the gender gap in education.

The overall situation in Karnali Province is alarming, as 24 percent of the population remains illiterate. Out of the total population of 16 lakh 88 thousand 412, a staggering 4 lakh 5 thousand 219 individuals still lack basic literacy skills. This lack of education not only hampers personal growth and development but also poses challenges for the socio-economic progress of the entire province.

In Conclusion: The educational crisis in Karnali province, with a mere eight percent of students passing the school level, demands immediate attention and intervention from educational authorities and policymakers. Efforts should focus on improving student retention rates, providing access to quality education beyond primary levels, and addressing the gender gap in literacy. Addressing these issues will be crucial to ensuring a brighter future for the province and its residents.

Attribution: National Statistics Office, Karnali Province

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