KATHMANDU Metropolitan Calls for Mandatory SCHOLARSHIPS in Schools

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KATHMANDU Metropolitan Calls for Mandatory SCHOLARSHIPS in Schools

Date: April 22, 2023


The Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balen Shah, has urged all metropolitan schools to provide mandatory scholarships to students without reducing overall student enrollment by more than 10%. Mayor Shah emphasized the importance of offering scholarships in private schools in Kathmandu, citing relevant regulations governing school management.

According to Rules 58 and 59 of the School Management Regulation 2074 in private schools are required to waive 100% of the fees for the first student in each class, while institutional schools must waive 50% of the fees for the second student in each class. These scholarships are to be offered to disadvantaged students, including those who are poor, disabled, helpless, female, from Dalit or Tribal backgrounds, or from families of conflict victims and martyrs, in an inclusive manner.

The head of all relevant schools is responsible for posting information about the scholarships on the school’s website and notice board to inform parents and students. It is the school’s responsibility to comply with these regulations, and failure to do so may result in legal action as emphasized by Mayor Shah.

Currently, in Kathmandu, there are 89 community schools, 59 secondary schools, and 30 primary schools with a combined student population of 52,000. In contrast, there are 540 private schools in Kathmandu with 150,000 students enrolled.

Conclusion: Mayor Balen Shah’s push for mandatory scholarships in schools in Kathmandu Metropolitan City aims to ensure that disadvantaged students have access to education without financial burden. Compliance with these regulations will be closely monitored, and failure to implement the system may result in legal consequences.

Attribution: Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Kathmandu Metropolitan City

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CTA: Parents, students, and stakeholders are urged to ensure that schools in Kathmandu Metropolitan City are complying with the mandatory scholarship regulations.

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