Election Upholds the rule for Local Representatives’ resignation before re-election

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Shaligram Poudel, Spokesperson of the Election Commission clarified that it is mandatory for the Local Representatives to resign before filing their nomination papers in the upcoming election on a daily press briefing on Tuesday. This rule is even mentioned in the Local Election Act and Local Election Regulations.

Poudel said the requirement was based on Section 13(d) of the Local Election Act. This act mentions that a person receiving salary from the local level, organisations controlled by the local level, or any organisations that have received grants from a local level would not be eligible to file their nominations for the elections.

The candidates for the Local Representative election are required to sign a testimony as per Local Election Regulations that affirm that the candidate does not hold any post of emoluments or facility. Poudel said that the facility was defined by Article 306 as local representatives who receive remuneration were required to resign from their post if they want to participate as candidates for re-elections.

The resignation would not hamper the local government as there is a provision for the lower-level representative to work on behalf of the higher-level representatives in their absence.

EC has decided to give 2 days for the convenience of the candidates and EC Employees to complete the necessary work as one day might not be enough, said Poudel.

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