Every educational detail is available in single place

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From a single location, every related educational detail regarding the schools, universities, and technical education across the country will be accessible from one location.

As a consequence, all provinces and local levels have been given guidelines for unified educational details management systems by the Education and Human Resources Development Center. Maintaining communication between federal, state, and municipal levels of government and educational organizations is expected to ensure information management.

According to the issued guidelines, educational details and system will be managed in properly, says Ministry spokesperson Deepal Sharma. The concrete structure of all types of educational institutions, moveable and immovable assets, class and departmental students, educational programs, students’ achievements, subject teachers, and staff are all included in this method.

The information on the directors and administrators of educational institutions, as well as additional education details deemed necessary by the government, should be updated by these institutions, according to the ministry’s directory. Every three months, all of those data must be updated. Yet, the knowledge that breaches personal privacy will not be accessible to all people. With the implementation of the criteria, it should be simpler to maintain inter-reliance between all types of educational organizations and keep track of, monitor, and evaluate educational performance and programs; preserve the authority of details; safeguard the property of education organizations, and properly manage them,” said spokesperson Sharma.

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