“Exam Center Published for 5th and 7th Semester Regular Exams in BBA, BIM, BBM, BBA-F, BMS, BTTM, BHM, and BPA”

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Tribhuwan University’s Faculty of Management has announced the exam center for the 5th and 7th semester regular exams in BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration, BIM – Bachelor of International Management, BBM – Bachelor of Business Management, BBA-F – Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, BMS – Bachelor of Management Studies, BTTM – Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management, BHM – Bachelor of Hotel Management, BPA – Bachelor of Public Administration.

Key information:

This announcement was made on 8th January,2023.

Examination starts from 11:00 am.


Here is the pdf image released directly from the T.U, Faculty of management.

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