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Expanding Internet Service in Bhojpur Community Schools

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Expanding Internet Service in Bhojpur Community Schools


Bhojpur Municipality has made an agreement with the Nepal Telecommunication Authority to expand internet service to 33 community schools in the district. Under the agreement, the Authority will provide 20 Mbps non-dedicated service to each school.

Nepal Telecom

According to recent reports, the Authority has announced that in the initial year, internet service will be provided to schools at a rate of NPR 73,900 per school, which is equivalent to NPR 2,438,000 in total. However, in the following year, the education department of the municipality will be responsible for providing internet service to schools at a cost of NPR 18,500 per school, which amounts to NPR 1,800,000 overall.

This move aims to improve the quality of education in rural areas and bridge the digital divide. The expansion of internet service will make it easier for children to receive the latest technical education and provide them with equal opportunities as those in urban areas.

The chairman of the municipality, Kiran Rai, stated that this initiative is a positive step towards improving the quality of education in Bhojpur community schools.

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