Extreme drops in temperature led Upper Mugu Schools to shut down for a month

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MUGU, Dec 28: The Mugum Karmarong rural municipality in Mugu has decided to temporarily close schools in the Upper Karan area for a month due to the increasingly cold weather.

According to Chhiring Kyapne Lama, the Chair of the rural municipality, the winter vacation will last for a month starting from the last week of December and will be implemented in schools across approximately a dozen settlements in the highlands, including Serog, Dolfu, Takha, Khari, Kartik Kimri, Chitai, Mugu, Pua, and Daura. The vacation period will conclude on January 29.

Lama stated, “Given the dropping temperatures in the upper part of Mugu, we have decided to close the schools and ensure that students remain indoors to protect them from the extreme cold.” It is anticipated that this cold weather will have an impact on development efforts and other government services for the month. As a result, residents of the upper settlements have already begun migrating downhill to seek relief from the cold.

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