Eye Check-up of 833 Students in Bal Bikash School

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A two-day eye check-up camp has been completed in Bal Bikash Secondary School at Liwali, Bhaktapur. The camp was set up as an immediate response as the problems arose in the school that children could not see what was written on the board while sitting in the class.

Eye centre in Chyamasingh, Bhaktapur under Tilganga Eye Centre helped in technical assistance to conduct the eye Check-up Camp. Like every year, on the first day of this academic session eye camp has been set up to provide more support to children’s education. A total of 833 students from classes one to ten have benefitted from this camp.

Some students with more problems during the eye test were referred to Community Eye Centre in Chyamasingh, the student’s parents are also informed regarding this.

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