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Foreign MBBS Enrollment in Nepal has Increased Sixfold

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According to the Medical Education Commission, Nepal’s MBBS enrollment has risen by six times in the last year, thanks to an increase in foreign students.

Professor of Commission’s Executive Vice President, Mr. Shri Krishna Giri, the number of international students has risen by six times over last year’s figure. He said that this year, in Nepal, almost 265 international students enrolled to study.

The entrance of local people into medical education has increased, according to the Commission, Dr. Bhojrai Kafle. He added that this year, 2,232 students will receive graduate scholarships and 1,895 students will be allowed to learn MBBS in 21 Nepali institutions. He said that of the 1300 seats offered to international students to learn in Nepal, 557 foreigners are permitted to study in MBBS alone, mentioning that scholarships have been granted to 430 pupils.

Prof. Director of the Medical Education Commission’s Directorate of Planning, Coordination, and Academic Development, Dr. Ramesh Prasad Acharya, has caused alarm by disseminating false information that 10,000 nurses will be deployed to the UK over a period of time, as per the terms of the agreement with the UK.

188 Nepalese citizens made one’s way to a foreign country for MBBS study, 29 students for B.Sc. Nursing, 66 studying in Elite Science and 17 students for Pharmacy study, according to the director of the Directorate of Standards and Accreditation under the Medical Education Commission, Professor. Dr. Dilip Sharma.

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