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Form Fill up IX Semester B.Ed. (ICT & SNE) 2079

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Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Education, Office of Examination Controller Division, Balkhu, Kathmandu, Nepal has made an announcement regarding the Examination Registration Form Fill up of the 9th Semester for those studying Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) [Information and Communications Technology (ICT) & Special Needs Education (SNE)].

The notice was posted on 2079/01/06.

Key Points

Form Fillup Deadline:- 2079 Baishakh 31st

Form Fillup Deadline for Double fee:- 2079 Jestha 5th

Form Fillup Fee:- Rs. 1500 (in words; Fifteen Hundred)

Online Form Fillup Link:-


View details about the notice on an image of the original notice presented below:

Form Fill up IX Semester B.Ed. (ICT & SNE) 2079

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