France preparing to increase costs for international students

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France is making preparations to impose a greater financial burden on international students through a controversial immigration law. The revised legislation, which was passed on December 19th, introduces a new requirement for student visa applicants to provide a deposit to cover unforeseen expenses during their stay.

The exact amount of the deposit has not yet been specified, but it will be refunded if the student leaves France upon the expiration of their residency permit, renews the permit, or obtains a new one. Additionally, the law includes an increase in tuition fees for non-EU students and mandates proof of enrollment in a rigorous study program for multi-year residency permits.

Leaders of prestigious French business schools have expressed concerns about the potential negative consequences these measures may have on the country’s international competitiveness. The proposed deposit amount has faced criticism for being arbitrary and discouraging, leading to calls for clarification. It is important to note that the law still needs approval from France’s constitutional council, and adjustments may be made during this process.

Source: Pie International

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