Free Student Union Election Starts in T.U affiliated colleges

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Free Student Union Election Starts in T.U affiliated colleges


Kathmandu, March 19, 2023

Free Student Union (FSU) elections have commenced in Tribhuvan University (T.U) affiliated colleges across the country today, on Sunday, March 19, amidst varying responses from college authorities.

Election Holiday

While many colleges are conducting the elections as scheduled, some colleges have declared a holiday for their students. However, the reason behind the holiday has not been officially stated by the authorities.

FSU Elections: Student Democracy in Nepal

The FSU elections are an integral part of the student life in Nepal, where students actively participate in the democratic process to elect their representatives. The election is held to choose the president, vice-president, general secretary, and other members of the student union.

Fair Election Process for Student Candidates

The election process is carried out under the supervision of the Election Commission, ensuring a fair and free election. The candidates from various political parties have been actively participating in the election campaign, canvassing for their agendas and promises to the students.

Student Election Results

The election is expected to conclude peacefully, and the results will be declared in the coming days. The elected candidates will take charge of their responsibilities and represent the student body in their respective colleges.

Opportunity for Students to participate in the election process

The students are excited to exercise their democratic rights and are actively participating in the election process. The FSU election is an excellent opportunity for the students to engage in the democratic process and learn about the importance of the electoral process.

Peaceful Election Environment

The college authorities have assured that all necessary measures have been taken to ensure a peaceful election and maintain discipline in the colleges during the election process.

As the election process continues, the authorities have urged all the candidates and students to maintain decorum and cooperate with the election commission to ensure a free and fair election.

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