From July, Nepal Telecom will be Offering e-SIM cards

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From the month of July, Nepal Telecom, a state-owned telecommunications firm, will begin selling Internet-based SIM cards (e-SIM). E-SIM has just been introduced to a variety of nations across the globe. Several mobile companies are designing smartphones that do not include room for physical SIMs and are aiming for e-SIMs.

The firm will offer e-SIM, which can be inserted into mobile devices and other digital devices, instead of the plastic chip card currently accessible in the market.

Likewise, the telco will offer e-SIM to its customers in order to use such gadgets. As a result, the telco has budgeted funds for the current fiscal year, which begins in July 2078/07, to develop an “e-SIM platform.”

As a result, during the current fiscal year, the business intends to utilize one-to-one and a half lakh e-SIMs. Despite the fact that there is no work in the current fiscal year, the spokesman of telco said that the firm is planning to begin operations in the first month of the following fiscal year, 2079/080.

The test of the entire technical work has allegedly been completed by the company. The regulatory body Nepal Telecom Authority has also proposed a strategy to manage e-SIM, while Telecom is developing e-SIM. By next year’s budget, NEA wants to prepare a framework for regulation by looking into the usage of e-SIM. E-SIM, on the other hand, does not necessitate the use of a new procedure.

Nevertheless, since it will be crucial in terms of potential issues and security, NEA has devised a strategy to proceed with the research on a proper way to manage these services.

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