Gandaki Province to Develop Community Campuses- C.M

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The Gandaki Province government has committed to developing the community campuses in the province. The government has allocated Rs 50 million to address the problems of 90 community campuses in the province.

Surendra Raj Pandey

C.M(Surendra Raj Pandey):

Chief Minister Surendra Raj Pandey recently made the announcement while inaugurating a program organized on the 37th anniversary of the Adikavi Bhanubhakta Campus at Bhadgaon of Byas Municipality in Tanahu on Monday.

Development of Community Campuses:

Pande said, “The government would extend assistance for upgrading and infrastructure development of the campuses”.

He also added, that “quality education is one of the priorities of the government and that the education sector is responsible for producing quality human resources needed for the country’s development”.

Minister for Economic Affairs Jit Prakash Ale also spoke at the program and stressed the need for local governments to be active in ensuring quality education in community schools and colleges.

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