Gandaki State Government Unleashes Bold Educational Reforms to Cultivate Student Talents

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Gandaki State Government Unleashes Bold Educational Reforms to Cultivate Student Talents


The Gandaki state government has unleashed a visionary plan aimed at nurturing students’ inherent talents and bolstering the quality of education. In a groundbreaking move, the government unveiled an array of initiatives, including the introduction of “Friday for Future” program and a parent education campaign, as well as the establishment of residential schools and the formulation of state laws related to education.

During yesterday’s Provincial Assembly session, Chief Prithviman Gurung presented next year’s policy and program, highlighting the importance of a parent education and educational awareness campaign. The goal is to enhance the quality of community schools and provide a nurturing environment for students’ holistic development.

To boost the competitive spirit and performance of community schools, the government plans to grant rewards based on their achievements under the Provincial Major Educational Reform Program.

  • This initiative aims to empower students and educators alike, fostering a culture of excellence within the education system.
  • The Gandaki state government is also establishing large, lead, and residential schools in every district to cater to diverse student needs and ensure education is accessible to all.
  • Local authorities are being encouraged to run schools tailored to the unique requirements of slum areas.
  • Collaboration with local levels will enable the operation of specialized schools across all districts, including residential schools for children with intellectual disabilities.
  • State laws and standards of school education will be formulated to enhance educational quality and uniformity across community schools.
  • Gandaki University will focus on producing specialized manpower aligned with market demands through research, innovation, and invention programs.
  • The “Digital Gandaki Province Program” will provide technology-friendly learning opportunities to bridge the digital divide and equip students with essential technology skills.
  • Teachers recommended by the Teachers Service Commission will undergo professional development training, and the “Learning and Earning, Earning and Learning Program” will be implemented in technical and vocational education public schools.
  • The government will devise a scholarship procedure targeting marginalized groups to promote access to higher education and foster inclusivity.
  • An umbrella law will streamline technical education and create a unified system for technical educational institutions.
  • Religious schools and alternative education systems like Gurukul, Gumba, Madrasa, and Ashram will be integrated into the mainstream education framework to promote diversity and inclusivity.

Lastly, the policy and program emphasize the importance of including subjects such as moral education, art, language, culture, customs, costumes, caste, history, natural sciences, religious studies, mythology, literature, history, gender mainstreaming, and disaster risk management in the school curriculum. Coordinated efforts with local authorities will ensure the integration of these subjects, providing students with a well-rounded education.

Attribution: Gandaki State Government


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