Google Messages Introducing new 7 features on One Billion Monthly Active users

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Google has reported that Google Messages now has over one billion monthly active users with RCS enabled. This is a major milestone for the company, as it means that RCS is now the most popular messaging protocol in the world.

To celebrate this milestone, Google Messages is introducing seven fun new ways to express yourself when communicating and connecting with other Android users. These features include Photomoji, Voice Moods, Screen Effects, Custom Bubbles, Reaction Effects, Animated Emoji, and Profiles. Readmore

Photomoji enables you to use on-device Google AI to turn your beloved photos into expressive reactions. Voice Moods animate voice messaging with a selection of nine distinct emotions. Screen Effects make your messages come alive with vibrant animations.

Custom Bubbles lets you customize the bubble color and backgrounds of your conversations. Reaction Effects add more life to your conversations with animated emojis. Animated Emoji take emoji a step further by infusing each message with a captivating burst of visual effects. Profiles let you personalize your profile name and picture that accompanies your phone number.

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