Google Pay and Paytm will run in Nepal

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Google Pay and Paytm will run In Nepal

Google Pay is an online payment system and digital wallet developed by Google; it allows users to pay using their mobile phone, tablet, or watch for in-app, online, or in-person purchases.

Paytm on the other hand is software that connects the bank account associated with a business to an online portal such as a website or app.

Through this method, all money that customers pay for online purchases is transferred to the linked business account.

Payment can be made through digital wallets like Google Pay and Paytm in Nepal. Gateway Payment Services Pvt. Ltd., a Nepal-based service will launch this project through Unified Payment Interface Nepal.

Gateway Payment Services Pvt. Ltd has had agreements with India-based NPCI International and Manam Infotech which will openly operate an interconnected payment network between various banks and financial institutions and payment services of Nepal and India.

google pay and paytm

Alongside this, arrangements are being made for two countries to make a direct money transfer to any bank account and digital wallet account in Nepal from digital wallets including Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and BharatPe which are prevalent in India.

General manager of Gateway Payment Services Pvt. Ltd., Regmi said the company has already received approval from Nepal Rastra Bank for international (crush-border) transactions.


How to make Google pay account in Nepal?

However, Google Pay is not yet available in Nepal, so stay tuned with Gurubaa for more information about Google Pay.

How to transfer/send money from India to Nepal?

It is a good idea to transfer money from India to Nepal. There are a number of ways to do this, including Western Union, Moneygram, and Bank Transfer.

How to use google pay in nepal?

Google Pay can be used in Nepal after its implementation, so stay tuned with Gurubaa for more information about Google Pay. Soon Google Pay will be available in Nepal.

Is UPI Available in Nepal?

In its latest edition, a government paper reported that Nepal has adopted the India-developed unified payment interface for digital transactions.

How to send money from Nepal to India?

The following methods are available for sending money from Nepal to India:

  • Through State bank of India and Nepal SBI
  • Through Everest Bank and Punjab National Bank
  • Through Money transfer Agencies

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