Government Introduces New Eligibility Criteria for Teaching License Examination

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Government Introduces New Eligibility Criteria for Teaching License Examination

Date: May 30, 2023

In a recent budget presentation, Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat announced a significant change in the eligibility criteria for the teaching permit or license examination.

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Teaching License Examinations.

  • Promotion of qualified teachers to higher-level positions
  • Implementation of skill tests for individuals with self-declared domestic or international skills
  • Inclusion of candidates from diverse educational backgrounds in teaching license examination to increase workforce diversity
  • Emphasis on maintaining stringent standards and ensuring quality assurance in the teaching profession
  • The new provision creates opportunities for non-education backgrounds individuals aspiring to teach
  • Concerns raised about a potential devaluation of teaching credentials for education specialists
  • Shortage of teachers in subjects like English, Science, Mathematics, and technical fields
  • Provision to issue permits specifically for teaching technical subjects to address the shortage
  • Disappointing results from the previous year’s examination conducted by the Teachers Service Commission
  • Observations that pedagogy students excel in ‘pedagogy’ while non-pedagogy students excel in ‘content’
  • Acknowledgment of lack of ‘content’ in the pedagogy subject
  • The argument for providing training at a later stage despite the possibility of obtaining a teaching license regardless of the chosen subject.

In conclusion, the government’s decision to expand the eligibility criteria for the teaching license examination has both positive and negative implications. It provides opportunities for individuals from various backgrounds to enter the teaching profession, addressing the shortage of teachers in certain subjects. However, ensuring the quality of education and maintaining the value of specialized teaching credentials are important considerations moving forward.

Attribution: Government of Nepal

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