Government plans to Recruit 100,000 Temporary Police for Elections

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Nepal Police prepares to publish a recruitment notice to hire 100,000 “Myadi Police”(temporary police) to heighten security in the upcoming election. They plan to publish the vacancy for a 40-day temporary job, after the recruitment of the temporary police; they will be provided with basic training of police.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and Spokesperson for the Police Headquarters Bishnu Kumar KC said the Ministry of Finance has given approval to the Nepal Police headquarters to begin the requirement process of 100,000 temporary policemen.

Initially, the headquarters asked for recruiting 118,000 Myadi Police. SSP KC added that having insufficient numbers will only lead them to seek help from APF(Armed Police Force) and Nepal Army during executions of security strategy for the elections.

Rs. 4.39 billion has been provided to the Headquarters for the salary of temporary policemen, and an additional Rs.1.32 billion for the headquarters only to purchase required communication sets, including police sticks, SSP KC said. The budget doesn’t have money to buy vehicles for Nepal Police.

“Surely, the number of polling centres and booths will go up this time, so we must save have adequate police personnel and if needed, we must seek support from two other security bodies”, said KC. The Central Security Operations Committee will decide the number of security personnel to deploy based on the actual number of polling centres.

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