Home Minister Khan: Subject on Cyber Crime Should be Added

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Home Minister Bal Krishna Khan stressed that the subject of Cyber Crime should be added to the School Curriculum. On the occasion of the “Cyber Crime Training Program” organised by Jana Kalyan Social Centre along with Nature Care Hospital, Home Minister Khan said along with the increasing use of technology the cases of cybercrime are also increasing, thus the subject of Cyber Crime should be added to the School Curriculum to reduce the number.

Information Technology has been misused by criminal groups, the government has created a cell with the aim to work to stop Cyber Crime, said Home Minister Khan. He disclosed that the security of the citizens is the main responsibility of the government and the government has been facing some big issues. The increased temperature, population, and viruses have created even bigger problems.

Politician of Congress and Former Minister Bhimsen Das Pradhan said the roles played by Jana Kalyan Social Centre as well as other organisations to protect people during the Corona epidemic are commendable. The Centre’s Advisor Bharat Dhakal said that the centre could serve despite the limited means and resources. Established in 2070 BS, Jana Kalyan Social Centre has established more than 300 Health Camps, conducted 17 Blood donation Programs and conducted more than 24 training programs on different topics, all over Nepal, said Bikash Kumar Daas, the Chairman of the Centre.

In the program, Deputy Superintendent of Police Dipesh Joshi of Nepal Police Cyber ​​Bureau gave training on Cyber Crime.

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