Hope Returns: Children Resume Schooling in NW Syria Following Devastating Earthquakes

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Children Resume Schooling in NW Syria Following Devastating Earthquakes


In northern Syria, the recent earthquakes damaged about 250 schools, with the majority of them, 203 in total, experiencing partial damages. The cities of Harem, Salqin, Atarib, Idlib, and al-Mulund were hit the hardest, with one school completely destroyed. Shockingly, the natural disaster claimed the lives of 39 teachers and 421 students. In response, many schools are conducting evacuation drills to prepare for future earthquakes, while students are returning to classrooms.

Students during Earthquake 1

Jamila al-Turk, a 23-year-old teacher who lost two of her students in the disaster, is determined to continue her teaching despite the devastating situation. She taught second grade at Harem Rural School, which was severely damaged in the quakes, and all students had to be transferred to another school. Despite the loss, al-Turk remains dedicated to education and hopes to teach her students in a different location, even if it means taking a third shift at a different school.

Fadel Abu Bakr, the supervisor of the Harem Educational Complex, reported that 10 days of school were missed due to the earthquakes. However, the majority of teachers and children have returned to school, and their resilience is commendable. Though the road to recovery is long, the community is determined to rebuild their education system and their lives.

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