How to book the IELTS Test? IELTS Date Booking in Nepal 2024

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To book your IELTS tests, you have several options available. You can book your IELTS tests through the IELTS official website, British Council or you can visit the nearest British Council or IDP branch to book a test in Nepal.

When booking a test, make sure you have valid identification and your passport. The same passport should be presented on the test day. The passport will not be accepted if the presented passport is different, invalid, or expired. If the test taker is under 18, their parents should fill out the ‘Parents’ consent for candidates under 18 form.

Here is how you can book an IELTS test through the official website:

Visit the official website of IELTS here. Scroll down to find the option to select your country and city.


Pick your country, and city, and Apply the filter after making your selection.


The next step is to choose your preferred test center from the available options in your country. From that, you can choose the nearest test center suitable for you.


Select the type of test you will be taking (Academic, General Training, or other).


On this page, you get to choose the test you will take. Choose the specific test type according to your requirements by clicking on the test type.


Browse through the available date options and choose a date that suits you.


Finally, make the payment of the required fee of Rs 29,500 as specified on the website.

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