IDP Set to Launch New AI-Powered English Language Test

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IDP, a global leader in international education, has announced the launch of Envoy, a new AI-powered English language test. This test is designed to provide a more personalized, engaging, and enjoyable learning experience for both students and teachers according to IDP.

According to Lauren Mcswain, marketing manager for Envoy, highlighted, “Envoy gives both students and teachers flexible testing and detailed insights explaining every test score.” The test’s open-ended questions aim to assess and report on English language and communication skills in authentic, real-life settings.

Key Details about Envoy Test:

  • The Envoy test is designed by experts in linguistics and powered by AI.
  • The test can be taken anywhere in the world and all four language skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking – can be tested in 90 minutes.
  • Results are available within two hours and are aligned to the CEFR.
  • The test is designed to assess and report on a student’s ability to use English in real-life settings.
  • It can be used at multiple stages throughout a student’s English language journey, including program entry diagnostic purposes, progress checking, or overall proficiency assessment.
  • The test is expected to be available in early 2024.

Benefits of the Envoy Test:

The Envoy test is expected to offer a number of benefits to students and teachers, including:

  • A more personalized learning experience
  • A more engaging learning experience
  • A more accurate assessment of a student’s English language skills
  • The ability to track a student’s progress over time
  • The ability to identify areas where a student needs additional support

However, IDP is committed to providing innovative solutions that help students achieve their English language goals. And Envoy is the latest example of IDP’s commitment to innovation.

About IDP:

IDP is a global leader in international education services, with offices in over 30 countries. The company provides a wide range of services to help students achieve their education goals, including IELTS testing, study abroad programs, and English language training.

Source: Pie International

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