Important Questions Related to PTE Speaking and Writing

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In recent years, PTE has slowly gained popularity, but it is still a relatively new term for many people. Most people are well informed about other English Proficiency tests like IELTS, SAT, and TOEFL. But in these few years, PTE has been the choice for the English Proficiency test. However, as PTE is quite new to the most, there are a lot of questions about PTE, especially about the Speaking and Writing section of PTE, and in this blog, we will try to answer most of them.

PTE Speaking and Writing Section

1. Is PTE Speaking and Writing a single section?

Yes, PTE Speaking and Writing is combined into a single section and is tested at once.

2. How much time do we have for the PTE Speaking and Writing Section?

The test takers are given around 54-67 minutes for the PTE Speaking and Writing Section. But it depends totally upon the number of questions. If there are more questions, the test will last longer but if there are fewer questions, the test will end quickly.

3. Is the entire section timed or is each question timed?

In PTE Speaking and Writing Section, each question will be timed. Every question of the PTE speaking and writing will be timed and the test taker must finish the task within the specified Time limit.

4. Why isn’t the ‘Personal Introduction’ marked?

Although Personal Introduction is included in the PTE Speaking and Writing, it will not be marked. This part of the test will be recorded before the Speaking section and sent to the Universities/Institutions along with PTE Scores.

5. Which questions are marked in this section?

All questions except Personal Introduction are marked in the PTE Speaking and Writing. So, all other questions; Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Retell Lecture, Answer Short Question, Summarize Written Text and Write Essay are the questions that will be marked.

6. How many marks will we get in PTE Speaking and Writing Sections?

There is no specification as to how many marks one can attain in the PTE Speaking and Writing Section, the marks attained will completely depend on the number of questions they are given and the number of questions you have attended. The test taker receives one mark for every criterion that is met in a question.

7. How can I repeat the audio in the test?

No, the audio recording of the question prompt cannot be repeated. It will only be played once.

8. Do I need to have an English accent while speaking?

No, having an accent will not make a difference in the speaking test, the test taker must speak clearly to attain scores. The test is assessed by a computer thus having a clear enunciation of words will be a plus point.

9. Will speaking fast help to get high scores?

Speaking fast will not help the test takers to attain higher scores, there is no such thing as one gaining high scores by speaking faster. There are chances of losing scores as the test taker’s words may be incomprehensible and unclear due to speed. Speak steadily making sure the words enunciated are comprehensible.

10. Can I record my answer again?

The answers can be recorded only once. The test taker/ student cannot record their answers again, as soon as the timer ends the test ends, they will lose the chance to record anymore.

11. Are there a lot of people and lots of noise in the PTE exam center?

Yes, there are many people in PTE Exam Centre. All the test takers/ students will be separated with different partitions but there will be many people present causing noise during the speaking section.

12. How do I complete the task without being distracted by the noise?

Try improving your focus while practicing for the PTE test. Practice around the noisy area just like in the test center to help focus even during such a noisy environment. Avoid practicing in a peaceful environment as the actual test center will be very noisy, especially during the speaking test.

13. Some of the questions in the speaking test do not have a beep sound? Why?

Only a few questions will have a beep sound in the speaking test as per the test format. Read Aloud, Describe Image, and Retell Lecture questions will have a beep sound while questions of Repeat Sentence and  Answer Short Question will not. Understand the test format well, there are chances of you losing the points otherwise.

14. What to do if my microphone or headphone does not work?

If your microphone or headphone are not working then, tell someone. The test taker/ students will have a few minutes to test their headphones and microphones. You need to utilize that time to check them. Alert the staff about the devices that aren’t working and get them fixed before the test starts.

15. How many paragraphs should I write for the essay?

There should be 3 or 4 paragraphs for the essay considering there should be at least one introductory paragraph, one or two body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

16. Do I have to use complex sentence structures and vocabulary for high marks?

Using complex sentence structures and a range of vocabulary is impressive, and using them in the right situations will help the test takers/ students gain high scores. But try to keep it as simple as possible.

17. What happens if I write more than 75 words in ‘Summarize Written Text’?

Writing more than 75 words in Summarise Written Text will reduce the scores. Writing in 5-75 words in PTE will help you gain a score in the form; thus, it is important that the test taker/ students stay within the 75-word limit.

18. Will my scores be reduced if I miss a word in Repeat Sentence?

Yes, it will but If it is just a single word then the marks will not be deducted excessively, so it’s important to maintain your fluency without panicking. if you miss more words, the results will be negatively affected. So, try to repeat the sentence exactly as it is.

19. Do I have to repeat the entire lecture as it is in the ‘Retell Lecture’?

No. For Retell Lecture, the test taker needs to retell the lecture they heard in the words of their own. The test taker does not have to retell the entire lecture, but rather retell it in their own words, as they understood it.

We hope our blog “Important Questions Related To PTE Speaking and Writing” helped you clear your doubts about the PTE Speaking and Writing Section. If you have more queries, feel free to comment on this blog or contact us at Gurubaa.

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