Improvements are to be made in 22 Schools

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The Presidential Education Reform Program in the middle of Taplejung has been chosen. The implementation of the proposal, which includes the development of concrete buildings as part of the educational reform initiative, has been chosen from among those schools.

The program has been implemented in five schools in Fungling Municipality’s capital city. The Charkothe building has been designed for Birendra Secondary School and the distant base school out of the chosen ones. For the development of ICT in Mewaraja Basic School and Shiv Basic School in Duikkothe ​​Building, as well as Siddhakali Secondary School in Fungling municipality, a 650,000 rupee plan has been set.

In Maivakhola rural municipality, two buildings for Patidanda Secondary School and four buildings for Maivakhola Secondary School are planned. Four-room and two-room building plans have been assigned to Saraswati Secondary School and Sinhdevi Basic School Sablakhu in Sidingwa Rural Municipality. Nilgiri Secondary School operates an ICT lab program, while Jaleshwari Basic School has been given a two-room building.

The Charkothe ​​Building, Janakalyan Basic School, Saraswati Basic School, and Sirijungha Basic School have all been chosen for the installation of the Ambote Basic School of Atharai Triveni Rural Municipality. Two-kothe ​schools have been built in the Meringden Rural Municipality: Prithvi Secondary School Charkoth Building, Rajarani Basic and Janjyoti Basic Schools. The ICT curriculum includes Surke Secondary School. For the Charkothe and Duikothe buildings of Panchedhari Secondary School in Mikwakhola Rural Municipality, Rajeshwari Basic School and Keeling Basic School were chosen.

None of the schools in Sirijungha Rural Municipality, Pathibhara Yangwarak, or Phattanglung Rural Municipality were chosen from among the district’s nine local levels. Schools presented proposals to the Education and Human Resources Center at the local level, with intentions to expand physical facilities, as part of the President’s Vocational Reform Program.

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