Child-friendly libraries built in community schools

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Syangjako Galyang Municipality has undertaken its efforts to establish a children’s library. To increase youngsters’ reading abilities and create reading habits, work is being done to build child-friendly libraries.

According to Galyang Municipality Chief Guruprasad Bhattarai, 10 schools in the municipality have built a child-friendly library. Galyangka Bajrebhanjyang Secondary School, Galkot Secondary School, Gyanjyoti Basic School, Himanchal Basic School, Lakhan Thapa Basic School, Narodaya Secondary School, Pakwadi Secondary School, and Shivalaya Secondary School have all established children’s libraries within their schools.

The Room to Read (Reading Room) program, led by Om Kumar Shrestha, the Literacy Program Officer, donates books to the library on a regular basis for four years. A library has been built in the school to enhance the quality of education, according to Kedar Acharya, Head of the Education Branch of Galyang Municipality.

With the help of Galyang Municipality, Room to Ridco, and Suryodaya Club, work on establishing a library has accelerated. According to Mayor Bhattarai, the library currently has about 400 volumes of children’s literature.

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