Increased interest in the Sanskrit Language

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Inclination to teach Sanskrit Language

The inclination to teach Sanskrit Language is increasing in Educational Institutions. The language is being taught as an aid to help improve the Nepali language of the students studying in English Medium schools.

Yograj Sapkota, a teacher who has been teaching Sanskrit in various Schools for the past five years said educational institutions are looking for Sanskrit teachers. As the language is related to our culture, a lot has been showing interest in Sanskrit. There are about 100 institutions that teach the Sanskrit language in the Kathmandu Valley.

NASA also recognized that Sanskrit is a language that can be easily assessed by the computer, as Sanskrit is a formulaic language NASA’s research shows that the language can be easily used on a computer. Due to this reason, the language’s demand has been increasing in different countries. Educational institutions in Kathmandu like Akshara, Panini, Gateway, Velocity, Gurukul Sanskaram, Deepika, Bagmati, DAV, and other institutions have been teaching the Sanskrit language since the language’s market has increased internationally. The language has also become popular due to Yoga said Sapkota.

The marketplace for teaching and learning in Sanskrit has further increased since the responsibility to manage the education system till the secondary level was handed to the local government. The Curriculum Development centers have provided curriculum and books for the development of this course. Since the book “Asmakam Sanskritam” was published for Classes 1 to 12 by Janak Shikshya Samagri Kendra limited it has been easier to teach the Sanskrit language.

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