Instructions to solve the problems of TU

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Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota has given instructions to solve the problems of TU.  On Monday, Speaker Sapkota gave the instructions when the members of the House of Representatives said that the Tribhuvan University is collapsing due to the padlocking by the students and alleged that the protesters and the students are under the protection of the government.

Members of the parliament expressed that the university’s academic as well as teaching activities have been obstructed due to the padlocking and protests at the University. Speaker Sapkota instructed the government to immediately take action to solve the problems of TU.

Lately, the protests in the University have been under the leadership of the Nepal Student Union. They have been padlocking and protesting against the University since Asar 27. The student union have been protesting and padlocking at the university demanding action against the responsible personalities who were negligent in the preparation of the question paper, transparency in the report and the committee formed for the irregularities in the preparation of the question paper and naming the personalities responsible for such works in public.

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