Interactive Discussion on Mother-Tongue Journalism

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National Forum of Newar Journalists, Kathmandu had conducted a one-day interactive program among the mother-tongue journalists under the arrangement of Mother Tongue Journalism. On the Sunday program,  many Mother-Tongue Journalists and Experts have presented their views.

At the beginning of this program, a book titled “Mass Media and Nepal Bhasa Journalism” (आमसञ्चार व नेपाल भाषाया पत्रकारिता) was unveiled. The book was unveiled by Deputy Chief of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Sunita Dangol, Senior Vice President of the Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Journalists (FONIJ) Lucky Chaudhary, Central Vice President of National Forum of Newar Journalists Rachana Shrestha, Chairman of Kathmandu Division of FONIJ Sailesh Dangol and the Author Rakesh Maharjan unveiled the book.

Former Chief of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Sundar Shakya participated in this program. Shakya mentioned the need to preserve Mother Tongue Journalism, he also mentioned his contribution when he was the chief and said he will continue to help.

Deputy Chief of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City,  Sunita Dangol said that Language, Literature, and Culture are the identities of every community and it is the duty of all to preserve them. She said the metropolis had been working in this sector for a long time and she will do the same.

This program chaired by Arvindra Man Singh President of the National Forum of Newar Journalists informed different Mother-Tongue Journalists to introduce their language, literature, and culture. The program demanded an increase in the state’s investment in the promotion of mother tongue literature and journalism as the state’s investment is almost nil. Experts of different communities and languages shared their views on how the nation should work for the situation of mother tongue journalism and gave some suggestions too.

The Heritage Destination Swayambhu, a circular photograph shot by photojournalist Manoj Ratna Shahi was screened on the occasion. The importance of Swayambhu has been shown in the photo.

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