International Borders will be closed for 72 hours before May 13 Elections

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For the local elections on May 13, the government of Nepal has decided to close the borders with India and China 72 hours prior to the election day following the recommendation of the Election Commission.

All the border points will be sealed and all the movements will be halted except for emergency services from May 10 midnight to May 13 midnight, informed Home Ministry. The Home Ministry has also directed local administrations and security agencies to strictly implement silent hours as per the commission’s election code of conduct.

According to the Spokesperson of Home Ministry Phanindra Mani Pokharel, Nepal Police and Army Police Force have been instructed to implement the Standard for Vehicular Movement Management 2022, which specifies one should acquire a pass issued by the commission or the District Administration Office to operate vehicles during the May 13.

Similarly, in a statement by the Airlines Operators Association of Nepal, all flights including domestic will be halted during the day of the election following the standards issued by the Commission.

All Borders will be sealed

Election Border

42 districts out of 77 share borders with India and China and all borders will be sealed from Tuesday Midnight to Friday. This will be effective in all bordering districts and will allow only emergency vehicles and services to operate with the government’s permission.

Permit for vehicles during Elections

Vehicle Election

The vehicles will be permitted to operate with permits issued by the government through the commission and the respective District Administration Office to those who have fulfilled the criteria. Ambulance, Fire Engine, Water Tankers, Mortuary Vans and Vehicles of Hospitals, electricity, Telecom Offices, and Diplomatic Missions will not need permits/passes to operate.

Domestic Flights 

flight electionAs per the Statement by Airlines, Operators Association, all domestic flights will remain closed on the election day, flights for evacuation, support, and governmental use are an exception.

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