International Student Satisfaction level Increased in Australia

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International Student Satisfaction level Increased in Australia


The latest Student Experience Survey in Australia has revealed encouraging news for international students studying in the country. According to the survey conducted by the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, satisfaction among international students has significantly improved after a decline during the pandemic. The survey collected responses from a substantial number of international students, shedding light on their experiences and opinions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, international students faced numerous challenges due to border closures and a shift to online learning. As a result, the overall satisfaction levels had dipped significantly. However, the most recent survey indicates a positive trend, with the percentage of international students reporting a positive experience rising from 63% in 2020 to 74.4% in the latest survey.

The Student Experience Survey received an impressive 52,316 valid responses from international students, representing a response rate of 33.6%. The research showed that the rating gap between international undergraduate students and their domestic counterparts has narrowed, reaching its closest point ever in 2022.

International student experience in learner engagement and learning resources witnessed a substantial increase in 2022, compared to the lows experienced during the pandemic. Moreover, the survey revealed that the rating of teaching quality, which significantly influences the overall educational experience, reached its highest point on record in 2022.

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The positive ratings from international students are a welcome sign for the Australian education sector. The findings demonstrate that efforts made by universities to support international students during the challenging times of lockdowns have had a positive impact on their experiences. This improvement in satisfaction will likely encourage more international students to choose Australia as their preferred study destination.

The survey results are particularly relevant in the context of ongoing debates and discussions about the impact of the pandemic on international education. The positive trend indicates that international students are resilient and adaptable, showing a willingness to re-engage with international education opportunities.

The survey also highlighted some challenges faced by international students, including issues related to living arrangements and financial circumstances. It is crucial to address these concerns to ensure a holistic and positive experience for all international students.

In Conclusion: The latest Student Experience Survey in Australia has revealed a significant improvement in international student satisfaction, reflecting their resilience and the efforts made by universities to support them. While there are still challenges to address, the overwhelmingly positive ratings signal a promising future for international education in Australia.

Additional Resources: For those interested in exploring the survey findings in more detail, the full report can be accessed through the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching website.

Call to Action: International students considering studying abroad should research and explore the various universities in Australia, taking into account the positive feedback from their peers in the Student Experience Survey. Additionally, universities and policymakers can use this data to further enhance the experiences of international students in the country.

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