Is Your Google Account Safe? Your Inactive Account Could Vanish Forever!

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Google has announced a significant update to its Inactive Account Policy, affecting Gmail users and aiming to enhance cybersecurity.

The company is extending the inactivity period for Google accounts to two years across all its products and services. This change, which commenced rolling out recently, will apply to any account that has not been signed into or used within a two-year period.

As a result, starting from December 1, 2023, inactive accounts and their associated content may be eligible for deletion. Google will send multiple reminder emails before taking any action or deleting account content.

The company encourages users to keep their accounts active by signing in at least once every two years or engaging in various activities such as using Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, or other Google services.

Exceptions to this policy include accounts with YouTube channels, videos or comments, accounts with a monetary balance from a gift card, and accounts hosting published applications.

Google also provides tools to manage and back up data, including the Inactive Account Manager. This update emphasizes Google’s commitment to privacy and security, ensuring the protection of users’ private information even if they are no longer actively using Google services.

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