Japan Plans to Expand Overseas Campuses

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Japan is exploring opening overseas campuses and courses, according to the country’s department of education.

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The department hopes to allocate subsidies for employing and training skilled staff, as well as using funding to pay for rented offices and other elements.

The plans are still in the preliminary stages, but Davide Rossi, CEO at Go! Go! Nihon, an agency in Japan, said it was a “solid move” for internationalization.

He said it would make it easier for Japanese students to enroll in Japan and spend time abroad, and vice versa.

Rossi also said “More needs to be done to really internationalize Japan, such as creating more job opportunities for students and fresh foreign graduates and simplifying the visa process.

The move is seen as a positive step by some experts, who believe it will help to make Japanese universities more attractive to international students.

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