Job VS Business

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“Should I find a job? Or should I start a business?” – A question many of you had had after transitioning from a student lifestyle to your earning lifestyle. And the answer still remains unclear whether you have just started a job or have been doing business for long. The answer to this equally appealing and dissatisfying rivals does not depend on public voicing out the pros and cons of both but really just depends on you.

You may have heard stories of employees who loathe their jobs and their bosses as well as stories of a businessman always being busy and not having time for personal life. Along with these struggle stories, you might have also heard of stable, secure and economically fulfilled job holders and also of successful and rich business owners. What is the right path for you? Job or business? It is a question to be answered by self, but here we present something that might help you get your clarification,

What are your preferences?

  • Money or Security
  • Comfort or Growth

Let’s consider two persons, Person A and Person B.

Person A likes to be steady, they like their comfort zone, and they don’t like to play with risks. While Person B likes to learn new things, the thrill of learning new skills and experimenting gives them joy. So, if Person A gets a job to his interest which covers his security and gives him economic stability, Person A will be satisfied. Similarly, if Person B lands with a job where he has to meet a lot of people, a job that encourages him to learn new things, Person B will always be thrilled for his job. But imagine if the roles were reversed. Dissatisfaction with a person’s job begins here.

Don’t you think in this case scenario you would say Person B is suitable for Business and Person A for a Job? The analysis is correct but which person are you a –  Person A or Person B?

Comparing Job and Business:

  1. Money

Job gives you pay checks while money for business comes with profit. There is no limit to how much you will earn and how fast will you earn with business whereas for a job there is a certain time period you should work before you get your paychecks.

  1. Risks

Risks you are exposed to as a business owner is obviously bigger than risk you hold as a job holder. Even if you lose a job, it is much easier to find a new job than if you lose your business. Business is harder to keep stable and running, it is even fair to say business might completely change overnight.

There is no guarantee of how much profit one shall make in doing a business, some days the business might go skyrocketing and the profits you make would be unmatched and on other days the business might plummet making you losses. This scenario obviously makes job feel secure as no matter the situation a job holders will make a financial advantage on a long run.

  1. Growth

The growth in business and the growth in job are very different. The growth in the business begins with your first investment and the profit you make alongside your growth in knowledge. Whereas your growth in job is skill polishing and promotions.

  1. Efforts

Both job and business take efforts to get better. As a job holder, hard work and years’ worth of time investment will result in promotions and better income. While businessman’s efforts would focus to establish a successful business and build a good team for his business with his will, compromises and hardships.

  1. Security

Jobs in terms of security is the most viable option. As a job holder one need not worry about the risks of losses faced in the company/ organization they are working for whereas business is most likely to give instant losses and instant profits compelled to feel less secure.

What is better a Job or a Business?

This is a question that has been confusing all of us for who knows how many years. But it all narrows down to what suits you the best. Both, job and business have their own Pros and Cons. It is only the matter of what pros are willing to enjoy and what cons are you willing to overcome.

So, no matter where you are in this world the choice between a job and business does not depend on the country, situation or any other external factors. It only depends on you, your interests and your desires.






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