Kalapathar Manifesto issued

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A 10-point declaration has been issued to draw the world’s attention to the effects of climate change from the black stone region of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, a group of 40 distinguished women from different walks of life started a 13-day trek from Kathmandu and issued the declaration with a special program in the Kalapathar area.

A special program was organized in Kalapathar with the support of the Ministry of Environment and various international organizations for advocating for the issue of “climate justice” to improve the adaptability of women and disadvantaged groups in climate change-affected areas, to make every effort to define the role of women in mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and to promote sustainable management of the human health system. The declaration supports the protection of the Himalayan ecosystem, which provides immense services to the people.

The campaign was launched under the slogan “Women United for Climate Justice”, it was been launched to draw the attention of the concerned bodies, environmentalists, researchers and the world on the issue of climate change and women’s justice in the Himalayas.

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