Kalikot District to Hold SEE Exam in 21 Centers

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Kalikot District to Hold SEE Exam in 21 Centers


SEE Examination Centers in Kalikot District Kalikot district has announced that the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) exam for 2023 will be held in 21 centers across the municipality. Shubhakali Rural Municipality has added an additional center, bringing the total to 21 centers. This year, the exam will combine regular and technical students, with 3,766 students taking the exam, of which 3,721 are regular students and 45 are technical students.

Gender Ratio and Number of Examinees

The gender ratio of examinees is 1,863 females and 1,903 males. The highest number of examinees, 241, will be taking the exam at Saraswati Secondary School in Dhaulagoh, while the lowest number of examinees, 118, will be taking the exam at Panchadeval Madhyamik Vidyalaya Mehelmudi. Six schools in the district have 200 students, and all other examination centers have fewer than 200 students.

Management and Monitoring of the SEE Exam in Kalikot District

The Education Development and Coordination Unit will manage and monitor the SEE exam in Kalikot district. Sunita Rokaya, Technical Assistant of the Education Development and Coordination Unit, mentioned that parents have become more aware of the importance of sending their daughters to school, which is reflected in the number of female examinees.

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