Kathmandu Metropolis Started a program for training in software development

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City has launched a 2-month software development training program aimed at empowering 5,000 young people through skill development and enabling them to become entrepreneurs or secure employment. This initiative is part of the broader “Employment and Income Increase in Kathmandu Prosperity” program launched this year, targeting a total of 15,000 participants across 34 skill categories.

At the program’s inauguration, Ramkumar KC, Social Committee Coordinator, emphasized the goal of providing free training to equip youth with the necessary skills to start their own businesses. Mahesh Nepali, the committee member, further highlighted the focus on transforming individuals with aptitude and passion for technology, even without formal qualifications, into competitive and qualified manpower.

With 244 applicants competing for the program, 40 participants have been chosen and divided into two training groups. The intensive curriculum, spanning 125 hours, offers integrated knowledge and practical skills in software development. Notably, 20% theory and 80% practical training, including 75 hours of “on the job” experience, aim to equip participants with real-world proficiency.

The program welcomes recent graduates in computer science, information technology, and engineering, alongside individuals from non-technical fields with a strong desire to enter the tech sector and a passion for coding.

For those interested in future skill training opportunities offered by the Kathmandu Metropolis, a registration form is readily available via the provided link: http://https//

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