Kathmandu Metropolitan City to Provide Nursing Services in Public Schools Starting from coming fiscal Year

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City to Provide Nursing Services in Public Schools Starting from coming fiscal Year

Date: June 9, 2023


The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is set to introduce nursing services in all 89 public schools from the next fiscal year. In an effort to enhance the quality of education and prioritize student well-being, the KMC plans to establish health promotion centers in all 32 wards to cater to the healthcare needs of students.

The KMC’s Education Department, led by Sitaram Koirala, has devised a “one school, one nurse” program to ensure that schools with a large number of students receive adequate nursing services. For schools with a smaller student population, nursing services will be provided through the ward-based health promotion centers. The KMC aims to carry out health examinations of students at least twice a week, and any immediate health concerns identified will be addressed by the assigned nurses.

Currently, the “one school, one nurse” program is being implemented in only eight schools within the metropolis. However, the KMC intends to expand this initiative to cover all schools in the region. Koirala stated that the KMC will incorporate this program into its policies and programs and initiate its implementation from the upcoming academic year.

In addition to nursing services, the KMC has also planned to introduce psychological counseling services in public schools starting next year. This comprehensive approach aims to support the overall well-being of students and create an environment conducive to learning.

According to education consultant Reshu Aryal, there has been an increased investment in technology and special education this year compared to the previous year. The KMC’s focus on enhancing the quality of education is further evident through the expansion of the skills program, which was initially launched for grades 9 to 12. The program will now be extended to other grade levels as well.

In Conclusion: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is taking proactive steps to improve the education system by introducing nursing services in all public schools and expanding the skills program to further enhance the quality of education. This holistic approach highlights the KMC’s commitment to student welfare and educational development.

Attribution: Information based on the statements of Sitaram Koirala, Head of Metropolitan Education Department, and education consultant Reshu Aryal.

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