“Kathmandu’s ‘Book Free Friday’ Program Empowers Students with Skills and Enthusiasm”

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“Kathmandu’s ‘Book Free Friday’ Program Empowers Students with Skills and Enthusiasm”

Date: May 28, 2023


The “Book Free Friday” program, initiated by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, is garnering significant enthusiasm as Chief Balendra Shah (Balen) reports its successful implementation in 56 community schools.

The “Book Free Friday” program, part of the educational initiatives by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, is making remarkable progress across various schools. Chief Balendra Shah (Balen) expressed his satisfaction with the enthusiastic participation in the program, which has been introduced in a total of 56 schools within the metropolis.

Under this program,

  • Students receive 90 hours of training in the “Book Free Friday” program.
  • The training covers 10 different areas, including agriculture and urban farming, beauty art and hairstyling, carpentry, culinary art, and more.
  • The curriculum also includes subjects like fashion design, home wiring, disaster preparedness, and art and sculpture.
  • In addition to theoretical learning, students actively participate in group discussion activities.
  • Group activities include answering attendance questions, writing and reading poetry, and writing and reading essays.
  • Practical knowledge subjects, such as cooking techniques and personal and home hygiene, are also part of the program.

The program’s progress is monitored weekly by the team led by Chief Balen. On the first Friday, Durbar High School and Padmodaya Secondary School were visited for inspection. The following week, the team observed Shivpuri Secondary School and Padmakanya Vidyashram. Chief Balen took to social media to share a post with a video, stating, “Our election manifesto highlighted the organization of one day a week training programs for skill development, entrepreneurship, sports, music, art, and leadership in public schools. ” The “Book Free Friday” program aligns with this promise, now being implemented in all public schools within the metropolis.

In the third week of the program, Chief Balen’s team visited Tangal Mavi in Ward No. 5 and Kanya Mavi in Ward No. 25 for monitoring purposes. Chief Balen interacted with students studying in class 9 at Tangal Mavi, observing their carpentry and mobile repair training. The visit was shared on social media to celebrate the students’ achievements. Furthermore, Chief Balen encouraged students who did not participate in the program to engage in extracurricular activities, such as creating handicrafts or organizing election practice programs.

Chief Shah’s Facebook post mentioned that each school has been allocated a budget of Rs. 1 lakh for the current financial year, and for the following financial year, the budget will be increased to Rs. 2 lakhs.

In Conclusion: The “Book Free Friday” program in Kathmandu’s community schools is witnessing an enthusiastic response from both students and educators. Chief Balen’s team continues to monitor the program’s progress, ensuring its effective implementation across various schools. The initiative provides students with valuable skills and knowledge beyond traditional academic subjects, contributing to their overall development.

Attribution: Chief Balendra Shah’s statements were derived from his social media posts and observations made during the program’s monitoring visits.


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CTA: Stay tuned for more updates on the “Book Free Friday” program and its impact on Kathmandu’s education system.

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