Lack of Classrooms Affecting Studies

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Malika Basic School in Raskot Municipality-3 Kolikagaon, Kalikot is facing a severe shortage of classrooms, causing difficulties for the students. Due to the lack of classrooms, students are forced to sit on the roof or the floor during exams. The school provides education up to the 8th grade, but there are not enough classrooms to accommodate all the students.

Padmanath Yogi, the chairman of the school management committee, expressed frustration with the city government’s lack of response to their repeated requests for more classrooms. During a recent visit to the school, President Yogi was shocked to see students taking their exams on the roof and expressed sadness over the city government’s inaction. Rajendra Nath Yogi, Ward Chairman of Ward 3, confirmed that he had raised the issue of building Malika Basic School multiple times during executive meetings, but no progress has been made.

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