Lack of textbooks in Nuwakot causes problems

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Students do not have access to books even though two weeks have passed since the start of the new academic session. Due to the lack of textbooks, students are crowded in the bookstores to buy the books; all they discuss is when they will have books to study and do the homework.

Rajendra Dawadi, Vice Principal of Tribhuvan Trishuli Secondary School said, the lack of government-provided textbooks has led to difficulties for students and their education. Currently, there is a shortage of textbooks for all Classes from 1 to 10. He said it has become more difficult as the textbooks for Classes 4,7, and 9 have changed. Teachers have started making their own questionnaires to teach the students amid this situation. They have started to teach based on the curriculum and they focus on giving homework to the students due to the lack of textbooks, said Dawadi.

He said he was informed that within the month of Jestha, the remaining textbooks of all the classes will be made available. The Education Officer of the Myagang Village Executive Committee, Sher Singh Raut informed all textbooks for the community schools are not available yet.

Despite the school’s budget for purchasing books, the lack of textbooks in the market has caused difficulties in teaching.

Tara Bahadur Karki, Chairman of PABSON Nuwakot and Principal of Souvenir Boarding School said that most textbooks for the private schools have already arrived and the remaining textbooks are on the way. He said it has been uneasy as the businessmen brought books based on the number of students in the school.

The previous year, books were provided to students before the start of the academic session. But this year, weeks have passed since the start of the academic session and the students of both private and community schools do not have access to books. Parents have been constantly reaching out to bookstores to buy books, but due to a lack of textbooks, they have not been able to get them.

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