Lalitpur Metropolitan City Introduces Road Safety Education in Local Curriculum

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Lalitpur Metropolitan City Introduces Road Safety Education in Local Curriculum


Lalitpur Metropolitan City has made an important move to promote road safety education among students by introducing a new book, “Road Safety Education,” into its local curriculum. The book aims to provide formal education about road safety and vehicles at the basic level of schooling.

New Book on Road Safety

The introduction of the book was presented by artist Madankrishna Shrestha and the head of Lalitpur Mahanagar, Chiribabu Maharjan, accompanied by 20 students from different schools. The book covers a wide range of topics related to road safety, including traffic signs, road traffic, crossing, helmets and seatbelts, safety in buses, queuing, traffic rules, cycling, and more.

Chiribabu Maharjan Advocates for Road Safety Education in School Curriculum

Chiribabu Maharjan has emphasized the significance of educating young children about road safety and has discussed the integration of this topic into the curriculum. The city is currently developing a curriculum for secondary education that will cover information on both left-side and right-side driving.

Deputy Chief Manjali Shakya explained that the city has given priority to practical knowledge and has thus included road safety education in the curriculum. A newly launched book aims to educate children on road safety and emphasize the importance of following traffic rules. The book is designed to create awareness among children and help reduce accidents caused by lack of knowledge of traffic rules.

According to artist Madan Krishna Shrestha, adhering to traffic rules is indicative of civilized citizenship, and those who comply with such laws are wise, whereas those who do not are unwise. It has been claimed by Artist Madan Krishna Shrestha that a newly published book is the first of its kind in South Asia. According to the source, this information has never been disclosed before.

Overall, the inclusion of road safety education in the local curriculum is an important step towards promoting road safety among students and helping them become responsible citizens who follow traffic rules and regulations.

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